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Trips on ship

Ostrov Pag, ChorvatskoNot all of us tolerate rush and large number of people around us and it can be even more uncomfortable in the days of relaxation. For those who choose privacy, whether in pair or in a good set of people, we offer trips or transports to distant and mostly undisturbed places (small coves with limpid water, lighthouses, small beaches and coves by an old Roman fort, etc.), where it is possible to relax (snorkelling, sun-bathing, picnicking and amusing according one's interests). It includes transport to the place and subsequently according to the time negotiation transport back to the boarding-house. The prices depend on negotiation according to the distance and number of people.

Furthermore we offer the possibility of renting of rubber boats ZODIAC 3m, engine 5HP for 4 people for individual trips (according to Croatian laws a licence is not necessary for driving of the boat).


Pláž Straško, Pag, ChorvatskoYour stay on Pag Island you can also diversify by visiting attractive beaches which are near the Stara Novalja. The most famous beach is Zrče (more info here), the place where lovers of music and night life mainly come (list of 2010 events is here). Other popular beaches are Strasko, Caska and Planjka-Trincel (beach-Planjka Trincel is closest to the Stara Novalja). On these beaches you can take different sports such as tennis, beach volleyball, mini golf, ping-pong, badminton, fitness and others. Also you can fling jet ski or roller coaster.




Bicycle Routes

Cyklistické stezky, Pag, ChorvatskoBike routes cross entire landscape of the Pag Island. In addition to the marked bicycle trails there is a number of other trails suitable for using this healthy means of transportation. More info and maps of routes here.


Route "Novalja - Lun"

• 20000 metres long • for all kinds of bicycles • from 0 to 20000 metres - a narrow asphalted road • hight-altitude - 36 metres.


”Novaljsko polje” route

• 2800 metres long • for mountain and trek bicycles • from 0 to 400 m - a macadamized road • from 400 to 600 metres - a narrow path • from 600 to 1000 metres - a path across a field • from 1000 to 1500 metres - a narrow path • from 1500 to 2900 metres - a path across a field • hight-altitude - 6 m.


”Caska-Metajna-Rucica canyon” route

• 13200 metres long • for all kinds of bicycles (up to 12200 metres) • from 12200 to 13200 - for mountain and trek bicycles • from 0 to 12200 metres - an asphalted road • from 12200 to 13200 - an earthen path • hight-altitude - 47 m.