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General info

Novalja, ChorvatskoNovalja is the second largest city on the Pag island and the main tourist center. City has about 2 000 inhabitants. Novalja is situated on the main road on the island about 7 km from the port Žigljen.


is the second largest city on the island of Pag and the main tourist center. Has about 2 000 people. Novalja is situated on the main road on the island about 7 km from the port Žigljen.


Novalja is oriented to tourism. The town has many accommodation facilities and restaurants. The city built pretty promenade on the coast - in many restaurants you can try Croatian specialties. The gastronomic offer is primarily focused on local specialties (lamb on a grill, fish, seafood, Pag cheese).


In the vicinity of Novalja are very attractive beaches. Most known are Zrče, Strasko and Planjka-Trincel (Stara Novalja Bay). These three beaches have been awarded by Blue flag (the award for beaches and yacht ports).

History and historical monuments

Antický vodovod, NovaljaRarity of Novalja is an old underground Roman aqueduct. Locals call it Talijanova Buža (Italian hole). It was built in the 1st century. The aqueduct was 1 042 m long with a diameter of about 60 cm. Aqueduct has 9 holes (the fans) and the Highest is 44 m above the ground. At the end of antiquity lost its water supply function and fell into oblivion. It was rediscovered in the 19th century and has even been in operation several times in the early 20th century. Today is a tourist attraction and is available in length of 150 m. The entrance to the aqueduct is from the municipal water supply museum (Gradski muzej, street Kralja Zvonimira).


City museum. Here are  various objects of antiquity, which were found during archaeological prospecting. There is also the exhibition of photographs from the wreck of an antique ship that was carrying cargo of antique amphoras and sank (1st century) in the bay near the port Žigljen.


Gothic Church of Our Lady (Majka Božje), rebuilt in Baroque style, stands on the site a large early Christian basilica (foundations and two reliquaries of the 4th century were preserved).


During antique times the Novalia was southern port of Rome town Cissa. Remains of antique plantation (the ruins of buildings, Acropolis, aqueduct) are still preserved and can be found in the fishing village of Caska, which is located 3 km from Novalja.