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National Park Kornati

Kornati, ChorvatskoKornati archipelago is located in North Dalmatia between the towns of Zadar and Sibenik. In 1980 there was established a national park. Park covers an area of 218 km² and includes 89 islands (total number of Kornati island is 147). The islands are limestone and chalk origin. There are no rivers or freshwater sources. The main and largest island is Kornat, which occupies 33 km². The islands have no permanent population. There are only a small farmeries, which is used for temporary stay of residents who are keeping sheep, growing olives and grapevine.



Among the most interesting islands are Kornat, Lavsa, jacquard and Ravni Purara. On the island of Kornat you can find the ruins of the Byzantine fortress Tureta and the church of the Virgin Mary from Tarcu. Bays of this island offer a pleasant sea bathing in the beautiful natural scenery and yachtsmen to anchoring. Lavsa Island is one of the most picturesque islands of national park. In the east with the island adjacent to one of nature reserves in the Kornati, Klobučar Island. On the island is a highest rock of Kornati archipelago. Nature Reserve Purara comprises two islands Vela Purara and Mala Purara. It is a very valuable floristic and ornithological reserve - the islands are unfortunately banned.


Kornati, ChorvatskoThe administration of the National Park Kornati is located on the Murter island and also works as an information center and as a reception center for visitors and the organization stays on Kornati islands. Inside the park were built three receptions for receiving holidaymakers, equipped with a restaurant. There are two marinas for yachts (Piskera a Lavsa), which are providing all services for yachtsmen.


The island is bound by very strict rules limiting the movement of ships nad people. There is not allowed to make open fire, collect any stones, shells. Sport (recreational) fishing is allowed only with the consent of the National Park. Individual diving is not allowed in the National Park. Admission to the park - each ship before entering the park must buy an entry card (the price depends on the length of the ship). Cards purchased outside the park are cheaper.


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